Which programs do you use to make your art?

Mainly I use two different systems, either DALL-E or Midjourney. 

Do you prefer one over the over?

Midjourney is better for hyper realistic art (like my angels series) while DALL-E is better for cute and clever imagery (like my rainbow series).

Which other programs do you use?

I also use Photoshop or Procreate to enhance my art.

Is AI art even art? 

Yes, absolutely! Rather than explain it myself, here is what one person said about my art that I agree with 100%:

"Creative use of AI to consistently generate the same style of imagery across the body of work. Using generative AI to create QUALITY art still requires creativity and an understanding of art principles and design elements because you have to compile what it generates (like a fancy collage). Digital illustrators do it all of the time with photo editing software. Then knowing how to integrate all of these features into something dynamic like these images is quick skillful in itself. It is no different than different than graphic artists using images from photographers and fonts from typographers to create their own designs. AI just raises the efficiency of the creation process for the skilled artist. At least that is what I have seen from Adobe Max showcase this past year featuring generative AI as their new integration into the software suite. Imo, quite impressive. Just have to cognizant of copyright since AI gains its inspiration from direct sources uploaded to the internet." 

What kind of paper do you use?

I use museum-quality posters made on thick matte paper that's sourced from Japan.

What's the average time it takes to receive my art?

In order to not create waste, each piece is made to order so it will take 7-10 days to receive your order. 

What is the benefit to signing up for the email newsletter?

Not only will you be alerted to new series, you'll also get alerted to any sales we're having. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! If, for some reason, you don't like the quality of the print or it comes out wrong, I'll be more than happy to provide a full refund.